[SOLVED] Hidden Fields in Expanded Record View

It would be helpful for me to be able to have separate settings for expanded view, different from the grid. This way I could ‘drill down’ to get more detail about that specific record, while still being able to hide some of the fields I’ve created that I either don’t need right then, or may also be calculated fields used for sorting or filtering, etc.

This also helps because my record ID is calculated. I hide the source fields in grid view to aid in searching, and it would be nice to edit them in expanded view.

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Any idea if this is going to be released?

Whoa! Where did this guy come from?

I don’t know how to use it, but I’m glad to see it at last! :slight_smile:


I just saw that too. Thank you for doing that Airtable.

How do you enable this? I’m still seeing fields that are hidden in the view on the expanded view?

Mine was automatically enabled. In the expanded view once you get passed the non-hidden items, there is an arrow that says “hidden fields” that you can click to show or hide them.

Worked it out - looks like this doesn’t work on the default view that is created with the base. However if you create subsequent views it appears to work. That’s fine for me.

Maybe I am missing something - but I cannot seem to find a way to “hide” fields when expanding a record in calendar view, either. I know some users have mentioned they get a “hidden” option, but I dont seem to see it.

The calendar view I am using is for sharing to internal stakeholders - they only need to see 5-10 fields out of the 30ish fields on the record. Nor would I want them to see my internal scoring metrics :slight_smile:

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I still haven’t figured out which grid view is used to determine hidden fields in the expanded record view. Is there documentation of the hidden fields feature somewhere?

I believe it’s the default view — the topmost view for the table. I’m not sure — haven’t checked, but I will — it has to be a Grid view.

The Expanded view will ‘Hide’ the fields hidden in the view from which it’s opened - and the visible fields are in the order they are in view as well.

Oh, &@%&$!. Everyone was clearly asking about expanded fields, and my brain kept thinking they were talking about linked fields. Thanks for fixing that! :slight_smile:


This would be really great. Or a way to make a field visibility in the record window be dependent on the selection of a variable you determine in a previous field.

Did you happen to confirm that you can influence the fields that appears in a Calendar event record view, e.g. based on which fields are shown/hidden in the top-most matrix View for that table? I can’t get it to work

If you want to hide fields for expanded records in calendar view, expand a record, then click the dropdown arrow next to the name of the field, then select “hide field.”


Which fields are hidden/shown in calendar view does not have an effect on how record cards appear in calendar view; instead, hiding fields in a calendar view determines which fields are visible in expanded records for calendar view share links.

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