[SOLVED] Visual Studio API Error

I want to access a airtable table through my app i’m making. I have the community airtable API installed into my project, but setting up the thing is a whole new task.

I’m trying to add a new item to the table through the app currently. I don’t think the code is incorrect because I used it off the documentation of airtable visual studio api.

In all the examples of how to use it, there are these two lines that are needed.

readonly string baseId = YOUR_BASE_ID;
readonly string appKey = YOUR_APP_KEY;

I think i’m putting in the wrong numbers somehow. So I put my api key for my account in the second line and the base id for the specific sheet in the baseId line.


const string baseId = "app********"
const string appKey = "key********"

If you know anything that would be helpful. Thanks.

Edit: If you anymore info or screenshots I can send them.
Edit 2: Turns out that it’s actually not my fault. The api is broken I think.


This is how you access the files. But the visual studio API does this instead:


I legit have no idea how I fixed it, but I did. Sorry if you have the same issue.

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