"Something went wrong with an automation" notification destination change

Hi guys,

Great tool, but can we make the receiver for these warnings flexible? Right now the notification and email are being sent to the creator of the automation. I’d like to inform other people than myself about possible issues.

What happens when staff changes for example? Or when the original user is removed from the base?

A configuration option somewhere in the menu for example would be great.



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Agreed. Be sure to email support@airtable.com with this feature request, because they don’t read our posts here.

They do not read their own ‘product suggestions’ category? Are you sure about that?

They don’t “pay much attention” here. You’re much better off sending them a request directly if you want to have your voice heard.

In that case I’ll let one of my enterprise-plan clients send the mail. That should hopefully wake them up. :wink:

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Ha, perfect! They pay rapt attention to their enterprise clients! :slight_smile:

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I have a workaround. Apparently (as per AT) the notification will go out to whoever activated the automation.

So turning it off and on with the account (or alias) you prefer at least improves the situation.

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