Sort by date chronologically


i have a field that is linked to another table, and that field is a date.

I’m trying to sort chronologically, but from what i see, it can only be sorted alphabetically.

is there a way to change the settings of the date to yyyy-mm-dd in numbers instead of mm-yyyy now so i can sort chronologically? or any way to do that?


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Yes it’s possible to solve
you can change the date format from customized field. If you go do field customization for the table from where you picking this date then you will see the “date format” options then from the options choose “ISO” format…then it will solve your problem


ah that’s the problem, the field customization is “link to xyz table”, so i cannot edit the date format

Are you using the Batch Update app? That always does an alphabetical sort. You can change the format of the primary field in the linked table to ISO format.

ah i found it! thanks!

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