Syncing a field from a synced view back to source

I have Base called Master Data with a Companies table where the grid view is a source of a sync to another base called Project X. The fields in Master Data.Companies are automatically updated whereas Project X is manually updated as the project progresses and includes several additional fields.

Project X contains 1 field called “LaunchDate” that I want to push back to Master Data.Companies.

The problem is that Master Data.Companies wasn’t created as a Synced table - so it looks like in order to share the “LaunchDate” field I’m going to have to create a brand new table in Master Data and then perform a lookup into my Companies table. Is that correct? Is there really no way I could just convert my existing Master Data.Companies table into a Synced Table with only 1 synced field?

I really want to avoid cluttering the Master Data Base with sync tables for single lookups (I have a few of these cases for different project trackers), but I don’t see any other options? Thanks for any thoughts

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