Syncing a Grid Record with Kanban


I have a table right now similar to an “Applicant Tracker” that I want to sync to a Kanban. For example, the cards would be based on status and list each company in that grid view so that you could see Stages on each card and see where each applicant is “Interviewing”, “Decision Needed” etc. Is there a way to link the tables so that the records auto-link? I.e. the status would change in the Kanban every time it changes in the grid?

Hi @Kushaan_Shah,

I may be misunderstanding your question, but the Kanban cards have to be based on a Single Select field. So you’d use your “Status” field (or whatever field you use to indicate where an applicant is at in the process) as the basis of your kanban view.

When you move a card in the kanban lanes, you are moving it “into” a single select option (“Review”, “Interview”, etc) - and thus it is in fact synced with your grid view through that field. If you go back to the grid you’ll see that the single select field has changed on the cards you moved, and vice-versa.

Creating a kanban view to play around with is non-destructive, and will not alter your records, so you could create one to see how it works.

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