Syncing Two Bases on One Calendar View


I’m a beginner when it comes to Airtable and I want to sync or combine two of my different bases so that I have everything in one place. We have two separate brands that we promote on social media, but I’d like to have all of our content in one space. I’m currently using the free version of Airtable.

I used the help article and got the information from one to the other, but when I go to the calendar view they’re still separate and I cannot see each of the posts I’ve planned for the different brands. I hope I’m explaining this well enough for someone to help.

Basically, I want to see all posts in one calendar view. Let me know if anyone has a solution, I’d really appreciate it!

To do what you’re asking requires a Pro plan. Multi-source syncing allows you to pull in multiple tables from other bases into one single table.

You could view multiple tables on one Calendar using the Master Calendar App, but that too requires a Pro plan.

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Thank you so much! Pro Plan here we come.