Template Ideas to track Key Words for Photographs - BEGINNER :/

Am looking for a basic template to track the key words that I use for individual photographs. Total newbie to Airtable. Have started and gone back to the drawing board several times. Each photo has similar key words in terms of photos but also have individual/unique key words. Any other photographers out there with any advice or examples?

Welcome to the community, Sue! :smiley: I haven’t done any serious (or even mildly amusing) photography in a while, but I’m building a base to house inspiring/humorous/??? quotes that I’ve found over the years, and am tagging them with keywords to make them easier to organize. For that, I’ve made a table just for those keywords, and have a link field pointing to that table in my main [Quotes] table. When adding keywords for a quote, I can start typing part of a word in that link field and quickly find existing keywords to select. If nothing comes up, I can finish the whole word and add it. On the [Keywords] table, I’ve got links to all quotes that match each keyword I’ve entered, and have also added a count field to see how many quotes are tagged with each word. Something similar might work to help track keywords for your photographs.