There is a way that I send to the client only a view, but that he can enter information and collaborate?

I want to be able to send the client a grid view of a script to a client, and I want him to approve it or not, as well as put comments, but without having to enter my entire base. It is possible?

Not directly, but you could use something like this addon from miniExtensions:


Another option is using forms and buttons. This works depending on how your base is setup and how you want your data entry layout to look.

In brief, you can create a button which opens a form to create an “update record” in a different table. Then you either look up those updates in the original table or use an automation to update the original record with the details from the Update table.

Buttons that "open URL"s work in shared views! So this can be an awesome way to create functionality for users without access to your base.

You will want to look at how to create prefilled forms here:

Feel free to ask if you have more questions!


Thanks a lot, it was the solution

Thank you for the help, this is another way yo do it, I´m going to try it yo, thank you

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