This view is possible with a Pivot Table block?

Hello all!

Is it possible to get that kind of view with a pivot table view?

I wouldlike to have 2 level of information “Drink” then “coca”. When I try to do it I can only have “drink” or “coca”.

Thanks for your help!!airtable example

Hello! Nobody knows how to handle that? Many thanks!

“Drink” and “Food” are categories of objects, whereas "Coca, “juice”, etc. are specific objects. Because of that, I suggest using “Drink” and “Food” as options in a single select field, with “Coca”, “juice”, etc. as the primary field values.

You didn’t say anything about what exactly you’re tracking via this system. Would you mind sharing more details? There’s probably a way to reorganize your data in a manner that’s more appropriate for Airtable, rather than try to force Airtable to work the same way you’ve worked using other tools.

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