Tracking all your formulas you have built

How does everyone else save/bookmark/remember all the formulas they have built?

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Hi @BobBannanas,

There is nothing inside Airtable itself that keeps track of all the formulas built by users. So what I personally do, is simply to store the most complex formulas I built into a text file. It might eventually be stored in gitHub or something like this but right now, a simple text file is enough and I can search for a key term if I need to remember the structure of particular formula.

I haven’t done anything specific, mainly because my current base collection is small enough that I know where to find the formulas I might want to reuse. However, there are formulas I’ve offered while helping others that I haven’t saved anywhere, and your question got me thinking more about those.

If only I had a tool where I could save collections of related things, filter them, add notes, screenshots, dates, etc.


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Yea Justin I was thinking the same thing, why not build a base to track that very thing. :sweat_smile:

My goal was to essentially have people show off their formula databases. As we all know, sometimes people view data in different ways. It was simply maybe a show and tell of people’s formulas that they keep safe. Ive built quite a few that I totally forgot about or have to rebuild because I lost it! Lol!

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Last I checked, I had upwards of 270 bases in my workspace — so not only do I occasionally recreate already-existing solutions, at times the second (or third) pass at a problem results in a less-optimal solution than an earlier one. Maybe this would be a good time to put together a ‘base di basi’ for my Airtable work…

I’d also like to recommend people update — and stay up-to-date with — @Jeremy_Oglesby’s excellent ‘Show and tell’ wiki collecting helpful data tables, formulas, and routines. The collection of @willinspire’s URL- and text-cleaning routines alone is worth the price of admission.


The wiki forum post is nice and all but not searchable.
@BobBannanas if you’re up for it we could collab, we can create a base to track and then use the API to make a front end where people can search and even show examples of use.
We can have the airtable form for people to post theirs.


Lol thank you for the kind words. I hope people can find my contributions useful (especially the URL parser function that is over 140,000 characters long lol)

I only wish we were allowed to share links in here - like to GitHub or something - because then it would facilitate us coders and hackers being able to contribute more substantially to the community.

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