Trouble accessing all Airtable fields via Zapier find record task

I’m having a strange problem in Zapier where searching for a record in Airtable doesn’t give me access to all of the fields on the record that is found. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but for some reason only values from a subset of the fields on the record are available in future steps in the zap. I have confirmed that the API key I’m using belongs to a user that is a creator in Airtable, so no issues with permissions. It looks like only lookup and formula fields (maybe?) are fetched and made available in future steps. Has anyone else seen this issue and found a solution?

Did you refresh your first zap step, and then CHANGE the test data set that it pulls from Airtable? This is all done on one of the very first zap steps. It only shows you the fields & data from the test that you manually select.

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