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Hi Julian

Well, after many attempts at creating a scenario, using both Google Sheet v1 & v2, I finally settled on a scenario, using GS v1, that I hope will work. This scenario was a copy of a scenario that someone did for me and it worked for adding a field to an existing record, so I tweaked it a bit so that it might work with creating new records. Although, I am having a parameter issue with it. In the last Airtable app/module, in the new scenario I went ahead and mapped the fields, using GS tags, instead of Airtable tags. I don’t know if that is how to do it, though.

I want to accomplish three things with my scenario:

  1. Create new records in Airtable, from Data entered in Google Sheets
  2. Import images, as long as this is not too difficult to setup, since I am a beginner. I have images from a website, but I am not sure if it will allow me to export. I also have images in Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Drop Box, the last two options I will have to upload the images first.

I should mention that the SCOTT# is the unique key, it is always different.

If you have any suggestions could you explain it, step by step, since I am more at the beginner stage.

I am including screenshots for #1 (it will be in Part 1 of 2 and #’s 2 and 3 will be in Part 2 of 2):

  1. Scenario
  2. Airtable base
  3. Google Sheet Worksheet

Thank you,




This is part 2.



Hi Julian

I hope you got the second message. This is an update to that.

I managed to sort out the parameter issue. Now, it seems that:

  1. The scenario will, either, stop at the first module.
  2. The scenario will stop at the first Airtable module, with no new records created.

I also matched all the values for multi-select options between Google Sheet Worksheet and Airtable base and I created new blank rows to accommodate the number of new records. I changed the maximum number of rows in the scenario, too.

There are no error mesages. I am not sure what’s going on.