Updating current date in field using automation

I am trying to update “current end date” field with current date when status is active within automation.

It gives an error - could not convert string to date.

How to do that?

Hi @Mohsin_Raza - the Contract End Date field in the automation can only accept values from a previous step of the automation - you can set up Airtable formulas or functions such a TODAY().

To get around this there’s a couple of things you can do:

  • Have the automation action be “run a script” and and update the Contract End Date field this way
  • Have another helper field in your table which shows today’s date for all records:

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 07.43.57

You can then use this value in the automation.

Side note - in your screenshot you have two update record actions. If these updates are for the same record you can combine these into a single update action (with multiple fields updated) - you don’t have to have an action per field.

Yeah did as you described and successfully done. In my automation I have 2 update actions for different records from different table.