URL to Expand View for Record from Airtable API



I am working on a report using the airtable api.
When you click on a record to expand the record, it opens a form-like view that allows for easy editing. That expanded view has a custom url.

Can I get that url via the airtable api?
I want to link from my report, directly to allow users to edit that record in expanded view.
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As far as I am am aware that is not possible.
The API provides you with ability to perform CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations…

You can use the API to modify the data on your base with the help of these CRUD operations


Are you looking for the URL you get by clicking the title header of the popup?

example: https://www.screencast.com/t/eOzNSlNVU

If so, it looks like the url structure is: https://airtable.com/<table_id>/<view_id>/<record_id>

So you should be able to dynamically create the url based off of that info.


Thanks for the responses @openside and @Andrew_Johnson1

If you look here: https://snag.gy/3eQDPA.jpg

You can see what I believe Airtable calls “Expanded view”.
It’s just a url and I circled the last part of the url which you can directly visit and the expanded view of that record pops onto the screen.

This is the url of my table in my base:
https://airtable.com / tblreDd6mRWweERTD / viwxKPBQn995gOnD3

This is the url when I view a single record in expanded view:
https://airtable.com / tblreDd6mRWweERTD / viwxKPBQn995gOnD3 / recuE2i51DjVSlieJ

I am looking to programmatically get the : recuE2i51DjVSlieJ



From the API, if you did a ‘list records’ query and did a filter of {Name} = ‘Name of the Row you want’, then the response would have that value in the ‘id’ field


Or, and this would probably be easier, you can create a new column in your table and use a formula, then use the RECORD_ID() as the formula, it will return this record id.

Then you could reference it from there.