URL to POST to airtable


Hi All,

I’m very new to airtable and I am trying to write a URL to POST to my airtable and I am trying to figure out what the URL should be. I am trying to post a jpg as an attachment to a cell.

I was able to pull data from my airtable with - https://codepen.io/airtable/full/rLKkYB. I am not having success with posting data to the table using the codepen listed.

I am using Airtable in Dynamo for Revit.

Any guidance could help.

Thank you for your time,


That codepen won’t work for POST requests - it is only capable of making GET requests, and only for the purpose of “listing” existing records, as it states under the heading:

If you click on the “HELP” button in the upper right-hand corner of the base you want to post to, one of the options is “API documentation”:

That documentation can show you how to make a command line URL POST request

But when you POST to a table, the data you post has to be formatted as json, so it’s a bit more complicated than just a simple URL string.