Use Filters in Interface Designer to show records from "This Month" or "Last Month"

I’m trying to make a dashboard the shows the number of records created last month. Not “within the last month” but in the entirety of the calendar month preceding this one. For example, I want to display only records created in December 2021, nothing from November 2021, or January 2022. I feel like I’m missing something supremely simple, but can’t find the answer. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

I tried a workaround by creating 2 Formula Fields in my Base calculating Current Month, Month Submitted. These fields give me integer values (ie 12 for December, 1 for January) but not the option to format as dates. Then when setting up a Filter in Interface Designer there’s no way that I can see to compare the two fields. I can set the condition to be compared to a certain exact number, but not another field. Again, unless I’m missing something obvious?

Welcome, @Tim_Shrout! It looks like the solution in this thread might be what you need in order to create a formula field you could use as the condition for your number element filter in Interface Designer.

Amazing, this is exactly what I needed, thanks Cara!

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