Use Zapier to upload images to records


Anyone know if it’s possible to do this? I’d like to set it up so by default new records in a particular view have a default image added to them. Pasting an image URL to an attachment field doesn’t work, so I’m not sure this is possible. Can anyone confirm?


Yes, this is pretty straightforward in Zapier. If you set the trigger to airtable new row, then you can use the Dropbox “Find File” function in Zapier, then update your Airtable record with the Dropbox variable “File”. If you standardize the file names you can use custom data in the Dropbox function to pull unique files for each new record. Good luck!


Thanks so much for your help. I set this up, hoping to insert a sample JPEG, but the file that appears in the resulting record isn’t the cover image selected (even though the zap did show the correct file in testing) but a .bin file. Any idea what’s happening?


I’ve never seen that behavior before - I upload jpgs all the time to my
airtable via dropbox. Are you sure you selected the hydrated file object
variable from Dropbox? not the direct media link or share urls


Yep, I’m using the File option – as below – inserting into the correct field. I’ve just tried a different image thinking that might have been at fault, but it imported the exact same .bin file as the other image. So something’s going wrong there. Not sure what it is!


And if I download the bin file and rename it to .jpg it shows the image. So the image file is uploading, but not displaying in Airtable – which makes it not that useful.


OK I’ve fixed this. It’s not the File variable that needs to be used but the Direct Media Link variable. At least that’s what ended up working for me. Thanks for your assistance! This should work great.