Using IFTTT to update Mailchimp


Is there a way in IFTTT to retrieve a particular field of a newly created row?

I’ve got a contact list airtable, and want to update a Mailchimp list whenever I put a new record into Airtable. I had a look at building this in IFTTT, but couldn’t see a way to get the value in (for example) the ‘Name’ field in Airtable so that I could put it in the ‘Name’ field in Mailchimp. There’s an ingredient called RecordJson, which I assume has all the data from the new record, but I can’t find any documentation about how to pull a particular element from the JSON.

Is this possible with IFTTT, or only in Zapier?

(I know there’s a recipe which claims to do this, but I can’t see how it’s able to connect the relevant fields.)