Using Primary Key with IF formula to return multiple text entries at once


I am creating a table wherein I want the primary field to be a statement based on an IF formula, so that the information stored there is conveyed in a Calendar view.

I have the following formula {Key copy} & " | " & IF( {Origin Department(s)}, {Origin Department(s)}, " ") & "to" & IF ({Destination Building}, {Destination Building}, " ") & IF ({Destination Departments}, {Destination Departments}, " ") & IF({Destination Floor}, {Destination Floor}, " ")

As an example, I want the first calendar entry to read “1 | Infant PFT Lab to General Hospital Infant PFT 3.” I use a similar formula elsewhere and this works just fine, but I can’t get it to return anything but an error unless I only include up to the first IF formula.

Please help, and thank you ofr your time



These are extra spaces:

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