Using value from another table in formula

In table 1 I have calculations for categories value, impact, risk and cost of each project on a scale of 1-5 each

In table 2, I have the total points possible for each of those categories (Value = 40, Impact = 20, Cost = 30, Risk = 10)

In table 1, using the 1-5 value in each calculated category, I want to calculate a % of points possible depending on the value

1 = 100%

2 = 80%

3 = 60%

4 = 40%

5 = 20 %

Any thoughts on how to link the tables to do this?

Welcome to the community, Wendy! :smiley: If those category values are going to remain fixed, this would probably be easier to bake them into a formula, rather than pull them from a second table. (The latter is doable, but baking them is much easier.)

Here’s a quick example I threw together:

The formula for the {Value Pts.} field is this:

((100 - (Value - 1) * 20) / 100) * 40

For the others, just replace “Value” with the new category field name, and the final number with the max for that category.

Does this get you what you want?