We need views on android!


Only list view on Android is not near enough for what we need! Please add the different views on Android!


Is there any plan to increase the views on Android?


I’m adding my voice here. We NEED THIS.

Android doesn’t even have grid view — a default on iOS. In the Airtable community, Android users are second-class citizens. (And this hits a nerve with me because Apple products are generally more expensive, prohibitively so for me.)

List view is inadequate for Airtable’s primary purpose: functionally visualizing massive data quickly and easily. As a planning and tracking tool it is therefore useless for users on the go.

Airtable is growing, and the company has added tons of features in recent years. Excellent. Now it’s time to extend some of that good stuff to Android users.


Hey! I agree! Please add android views. Like take my money and add it. Lol


This is definitely needed. I love the functionality of Airtable but the app is extremely limited with the current view. I would love to see calendar added.