Webhooks for Records


+1 bump! Any updates on webhooks?


+1 I love airtable and would love to use it as a true backend


+1 Definitely would love to use Airtable for more of my clients, but webhooks are SO necessary.


+1 for webhooks, any updates?


+1 for webhooks. Any news?


+1! Much like the ‘last modified’ feature request, I’m hopeful my additional vote here pushes this one over the edge after 2+ years.


+1 If you put this in Zapier, then it must not be hard to expose to us. Just do it like Nike!


+1 here! It would be great to have some updates from Airtable team on how far this is on the roadmap?


+1 here! Any update from the team ?


+1 for webhooks. They would be super useful


so a 2 year old request with people adding their request on and on and Airtable not even reacting? That’s a strange way of not dealing with your community @Airtable


+1 just started heavily using Airtable and was wondering if constant polling with the best practice for custom integrations based on record creation/updates…webhooks would be much easier


This is one of the major things needed here I think. It would also help reduce the amount of API requests people do to check the state of records.

Any idea when this might be enabled @Airtable @Airtable_Support


Come on @Airtable_Support, you could at least respond🙏


Another +! for webhooks


+1 — @Airtable_Support would love to use Airtable but I just can’t without webhooks


+1 for webhooks !
I can’t use airtable without that…
Thanks for the awesome work


I’d like a webhook to see when Airtable actually responds to this thread. Reading btwn the lines, they do not want to expose this programmaticly. This way you keep signing into Airtable. Are we right @Airtable_Support ?


Oh what a shame - was just about ready to hit the buy button too. Then I thought, might just double check about webhooks (given it’s pretty standard these days).


+1 this functionality must already exist because I saw it on Zapier. Please expose this for all the reasons already mentioned above.