Webhooks for Records

+1! This would push it over the edge and make it that much easier to justify switching. The one thing this application is kind of lacking is automation and that would get this that much closer to that!

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+1 bump! Any updates on webhooks?

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+1 I love airtable and would love to use it as a true backend

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+1 Definitely would love to use Airtable for more of my clients, but webhooks are SO necessary.

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+1! Much like the ‘last modified’ feature request, I’m hopeful my additional vote here pushes this one over the edge after 2+ years.

+1 for webhooks. They would be super useful

+1 just started heavily using Airtable and was wondering if constant polling with the best practice for custom integrations based on record creation/updates…webhooks would be much easier

This is one of the major things needed here I think. It would also help reduce the amount of API requests people do to check the state of records.

Any idea when this might be enabled @Airtable @Airtable_Support


Another +! for webhooks

Would love to use Airtable but I just can’t without webhooks

+1 for webhooks !
I can’t use airtable without that…
Thanks for the awesome work

and also webhook based zapier triggers which are pretty delicious

This would make Airtable into a serious tool for us.

I agree with all these sentiments! If Airtable introduces webhooks, we would likely be able to switch away from our current CMS and begin using Airtable instead! However we have too many automations triggering from our CMS webhooks currently that without it, we can’t switch.

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With the addition of the “Last modified time” type of column, it’s now possible to trigger an integration when records are updated. It’s only possible to do with Integromat so far, the integration can run every minute if you pay for it (instead of 5 for Zapier) and bonus: you can perform as many actions as records that have been updated.

We spent our last few weeks @ Automate Me to develop a workaround to trigger on updates and this new addition is a real game-changer.

First things first : go to Airtable and add a “Last Modified Time” column. You can pick up which columns you would like to watch or just select all of them.

Then, Head to Integromat, sign up if you have no account yet and start a scenario.

In the trigger slot, select Airtable > Watch Records.
Connect your Airtable, then select both the base and the table.

Unlike Zapier, Integromat asks you to add columns such as “Created Time” or now “Last Modified Time” to be able to trigger. Integromat refers to the data inside these columns to know when to trigger or not. Now, you can pick in the trigger field “Created Time” if you want your scenario to trigger when a new record is created or “Last Modified Time” if you want your scenario to trigger when a record is updated.

You can also select more than one record in the field “Max records” to process records in batch. Type a formula if you need to filter the records you’d like to pick up and you should be ready to go! :slight_smile:


Hi y’all,

I’ve setup webhooks for new records and record updates using a combination of Airtable’s Slack notifications and Pipedream (think Zapier, but optimized for webhooks).

For example, if you add a new record to a base, you’ll get a webhook out with a JSON payload sent to a custom HTTP endpoint for that update:

    "tableId": "tbl98fitgvmmAR8aX",
    "recordId": "recltHKU7vKAv7bhW",
    "updates": [
        "field": "Name",
        "newValue": "NEW RECORD"
        "field": "Status",
        "newValue": "CLOSED"

I documented the setup in a Medium post:

and this Pipedream pipeline:

(apologies for the formatting, the Community site wouldn’t let me include any direct links in this post)

I’d love feedback on whether this helps solve anyone’s issues getting webhook notifications for record creation / updates.

Feel free to personally reach out if you need help getting it working — more than happy to help.



Yes please! Would be really helpful for a lot of scenarios in our business

Hey. Has it been used in any project for some time at all? Considering to use it in our project.

We’re using it internally and it’s worked fine for us. It’s totally free and Pipedream gives you a lot of flexibility for how you manipulate the incoming updates from Slack before sending those via webhook out.

See the Limitations section near the end of the Medium article to make sure the solution will work for your use case, e.g. Airtable Slack updates don’t support notifications for deletes.

I’d be happy to work with you on any changes you might need to make to the Pipedream workflow that handles the Slack -> webhook out. Just let me know!

Thanks Dylan. I will keep this in mind. Currently we are looking to switch from Zapier to Integromat. So far I am really impressed by Integromat - it has a lot of ready integrations, but also allows you to work on lower level with webhooks, JSON, array, functions, switch statements etc. Almost like programming without writing code. It sounds like it will be able to deal with the Airtable’s Slack notifications too.