Were the "Multi Select" and "Linked Record" field type formats changed to an Array?

It used to be you could add a comma delimited line of text such as “Car, Tree, Fish, Dog” to a Multi-Select field type, and it would separate the values. When passing that data from one app to another, keeping that same format caused no issues.

Now it appears the Multi-Select field type, as well as other similar field types, are in an Array format.
When trying to enter comma-delimited values, it no longer separates them.

Has this recently been changed? If so, what is the correct text format to pass the data into Airtable?

In which way are you using the API?

It’s possible that you might need to enable the typecast parameter ("typecast": true), which would then take your comma-delimited line of text & separate the values.

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Hi @ScottWorld,
For further clarification, the problem is not that we can’t separate the comma-delimited line of text.

Previously, if you passed a comma-delimited line of text into Airtable from another app, Airtable would accept that format.

(Ex: [Car, Tree, Fish, Dog] → [Car] [Tree] [Fish] [Dog] - All as seperate values)

Now, in recent months it seems, it is no longer working the same, and it appears to only accept an array format before it will separate the values.

(Ex: [Car, Tree, Fish, Dog] → [Car, Tree, Fish, Dog] - All one value, does not seperate)

Question: Has Airtable changed the formatting so that Multi-Select and similar tag field types will only accept arrays to seperate values, and not comma-delimited lines of text?

Yes, this is how it works for me.

I am able to pass a comma-delimited line of text from another app into a multiple select field in Airtable, and it works just fine. It separates the values.

I am using the REST API with typecast enabled. Are you also using the REST API with typecast enabled?

Airtable also has different API’s, such as the scripting API. So if you’re using one of the other API’s, perhaps this is a problem with one of their other API’s.

Thank you for your response, this is very helpful.

I will double-check to see if we are using the REST API with typecast enabled.

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