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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to February’s edition of our Top Contributors post! We’re excited to  highlight the top contributors in the Airtable Community who have gone above and beyond to help others learn and grow their skills with Airtable in February.

Last month, our Top Contributors offered 108 solutions, started 20 new threads, wrote 386 replies, and received 177 kudos! 🤘

*click the links below to learn more about February’s Top Contributors.

Top Solution Authors 🧠

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 64 Solutions Authored 
    TheTimeSavingCo introduced @momentsgoneby80 to the new feature “repeating groups” which helped save time. Follow the conversation here.

  2. @Ben_Young1 - 23 Solutions Authored
    Ben_Young1 spent time walking through an automation problem with @kpresley that worked perfectly. Follow the conversation here.

  3. @kuovonne - 21 Solutions Authored
    Kuovonne helped @guanxinwang patch multiple records into Airtable and it “worked like a charm.” Follow the conversation here.

Most Threads Started 🗣

  1. @Kosta_Kondraten - 10 Conversations Started
    Kosta_Kondraten started a great conversation with @catz in successfully set up a workflow for sales calls. Read more about it here.

  2. @WilliamPorter - 5 Conversations Started
    WilliamPorterstarted a conversation with @Kevin_DiBenedet about the relationship between Zapier and Airtable. Read more about it here

  3. @Francoloco23 - 5 Conversations Started
    Francoloco23 started an insightful discussion about formulas with TheTimeSavingCo & @Alexey_Gusev  which you can read about here.

Top Replies 📨

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 250 Replies Authored
    TheTimeSavingCo helped out @JBAA to set up an automation. You can see their conversation here.

  2. @Ben_Young1 - 73 Replies Authored 
    Ben_Young1  helped out @mku90 with a formula. You can see their conversation here.

  3. @kuovonne - 63 Replies Authored
    kuovonne helped @djgruber with a formula. You can find their conversation here.

Top Kudoed Authors 👍

  1. @TheTimeSavingCo - 77 Kudos Received
    TheTimeSavingCo received kudos for helping out @Darcie_Tanner1 with a timesheet. You can follow their conversation here

  2. @kuovonne - 65 Kudos Received
    kuovonne received kudos for her Changemaker Spotlight. Read the post here.

  3. @Ben_Young1 - 35 Kudos Received
    Ben_Young1 received kudos for helping out @localemagazine with an in depth email automation response. You can follow the conversation here

Social Impacters ♥️

  • @chrisdancy - In case you missed it, Chris  has announced Daretable 2023, the unofficial Airtable user conference, May 17-18th at Airtable HQ in San Francisco!

Thank you all for your contributions to the Airtable Community both in February, can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in March 🍀

How do we select top contributors?
We define a Top Contributor as someone who is passionate, helpful, friendly, and active in the Airtable Community.. These members continue to share their knowledge and build positive relationships by answering questions, starting new threads, and going out of their way to share their Airtable expertise and advice with their extended networks.

As we continue to evaluate each month's Top Contributors we will be reviewing both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as how each member upholds our Communities Code of Conduct and Guidelines as they interact with other members of the Airtable Community.