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Airtable Universe is live!

Hey everyone! Have you ever wondered how other people use Airtable? Now you can find out. Airtable Universe, which has been in public beta, is live! Airtable Universe is a platform for users like you ...

Rating field and new checkbox styles

Hey folks! Here’s a few colorful new updates for you all: The rating field ⭐ We’ve just launched a new field type: the rating field! Go forth and rank all the things! Set the maximum number of symbols...

The collaborator field is here!

Our newest field type has arrived! Use the collaborator field to assign projects and tasks to your teammates. Check out this post on managing projects more efficiently with collaborator fields to lear...

Introducing: kanban view

Today, we’re putting all our cards on the table and launching kanban view! Check out our launch post for more information, or, if you have some questions on how to get started, check out our kanban vi...

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