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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


I am trying to redesign an existing base for our team. In current base, we have a list of tasks for each teaching period, with instructions on how to do them (i.e., instruction is recorded in "long text" field; and some tasks also have an "attachment" field where applicable). 

Most of the tasks are recurring across all 4 teaching period - Sem 1, Int 1, Sem 2, Int 2. - these 4 have been set up as a "Single select" field. For recurring task, I just duplicated the records and change their teaching period in the "Single select" field.  

For example: "Send mailmerge to students for application outcomes" is a task that we will do across all 4 teaching periods. Is there a way where I can set up this base and automate that if I updated instruction for the "Send mailmerge to students for application outcomes" of Sem 1, the other three "Send mailmerge to students for application outcomes" tasks of Int 1, Sem 2 and Int 2, will also be updated with the same instruction?



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