Automated email when date is changed from A to B only

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I am running into an issue automating an email notification when the date column is changed from one date to another. I have the automation set up so that when the date column is changed and the status is 'Sent', the email is triggered. The issue is that the email is getting sent every time the date is changed (including when the date is entered initially).

The only workaround I've figured out so far is to set it up so that the record must match Status = Sent and Date is changed and we enter the date column second, but that leaves room for user error. Is there a way to ensure that that the email is sent only when the date column is updated from not empty?

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Apologies, I don't really follow

Am I right to say that you only want the email to be sent when the date column is first set (i.e. it's initially empty and you set a date), and do not want any emails to be sent when the date column is modified afterwards?