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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello all,

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a base with a table call « people »
People has a Name, a email, a status.
I am doing a automation that « whenever a status is change to ‘Send a Email’, Send a email with different status to update »

When the status is changed to ‘Send a email’ a mail is send to the person with the current email :

To : [Email]

Hello [Name],

How are you today ?

I am happy

I am ok

I am sad

I don’t know what should I do to update the different row, creating a page that use incoming webhooks from the email with the object id in get url parameter or talk to a Dev to do that using the API, or an other solution ?

Thanks again for reading and for the help

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Im am trying to put a condition in the HTML Result without succes :

The result from the if should not be “Nice” if the Status is not happy :

I am missing something.

You just typed an equal sign, which is just text. If you want to use the equal sign to compare something, you have to choose the equal sign symbol that they give you as an option to choose from.

Also, do not use quotation marks around your text. That is not required, and will likely cause your formula to fail.

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Thanks @ScottWorld !
I will try that.

I saw you had a beginner airtable cours on LinkedIn Learning. I feell more advenced but would like to become a lot better in airtable.
Do you have any intermediate course ?

Yes, coming in April 2023! It will be called “Airtable Essentials”.

This link to my current Airtable training course will redirect people to the new course in April: