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Create automations change new record status if already exists in 30 days period

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I’m looking for a solution for creating an automation that changes the status of a new record to “Denied” if a record already exists with the same requestor name but with status “Approved” in the last 30 days.

Can someone help me if this is possible?

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Welcome to the community, @Dennis_Voorn! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This is definitely possible, but it will require a “Run script” action in the automation. Only a script can do the kind of search required.

As for the script itself, if you’re not comfortable with script development, that will come with a price tag for the development time. However, it should be a quick build, so the cost wouldn’t need to be very high, but that all depends on the developer’s rate. If you’d like help, start a new thread in the #developers:work-offered category, or you could edit this thread and change the category.