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4 - Data Explorer

For our project management team, I want to create an Email Digest Automation where Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 1:00 PM for example, if there are Rush or High Priority Tasks coming up (Final Due Date) tomorrow, the email sends to those to who are responsible for each tasks. 

So far, I have 

Trigger : At a Scheduled Time (Every 1 Week on M,W,F)

Action/Logic: Find Records (Where Final Due Date is Tomorrow)

Action/Logic: Send an Email. -> And this is where I have issues. I don't know how to set it so each person who is responsible for each tasks receives the email, instead of sending it to everyone as a whole. We use "Assignment" fields to determine who is responsible to each task, but not sure how to integrate that on the automation here so let me know. 

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You will need to create a repeating group to loop through all the records that you found in the "Find Records" step, and then you can send one email for each record that was found.

You can read more about repeating groups here:

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Hmm, depends on what you want the output to be, specifically, do you want one email per task or one email per person?

If you want one email per task, you could just use a repeating group on the results of your existing Find Records action

If you want one email per person, that's slightly trickier.  If you've got a table where each record is a single person, then you could:
1. Trigger at a scheduled time
2. Have a "Find Record" action that'll look in that table where each record's a single person
3. Use a repeating group
  - Use a "Find Record" action that'll look for the tasks that are due tomorrow and also tied to that specific person
  - Send an email