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Document Generator from Google Doc Template

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Is there a way to have the Google Doc automation create documents from a pre-existing template?

I want to set up the new automation to generate letters, however, I need them to have a specific header and footer. If there was a functionality to select a template that would be great. But if anyone knows of a way to generate that on Google’s App Script end that would be super helpful!

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I don’t know scripting, but most people go low-code with this by using something like or On2Air: Actions. You could also use DocuMint, which has its own document template editor.

Hey Chloe,

You can create headers, footers, and add other elements to single or multiple templates by using On2Air Google Documents.

Here’s an example:
Create Automated Invoices in Google Docs and Airtable (+Free Template)

And here’s a comparison of On2Air Google Docs vs. Airtable Google Docs automation

On2Air Google Docs vs Airtable Google Docs