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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I would like to have Airtable email each respondent after a form is submitted showing the form questions and the respondent’s answers. I see how to send a pre-formatted email but not how to include data from the Airtable record and how to create a Google doc which would be fine if I could then get Airtable to email the doc.

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Click on the blue plus sign to include fields from the form that was submitted.

Thank you for the reply. As I understand the email action, it will email to specified person or group. I need the email to go to the respondent. Adding the text of the form and the associated fields completed by the respondent seems as though it would be straightforward. How do I instruct Airtable to use the respondent’s email address?

The same exact way. Use the blue plus sign to choose the email address from the submitted form.

Thank you Scott for the prompt reply. I am working for a not for profit that is using the free version. I found a note indicating that I could email to collaborators. To be able to access the email field from the record, I have to move to a paid version. I am now trying to determine what version is required.

The support article only mentions the Pro Plan. Not sure if Plus Plan would work, but you can certainly try and report back here!