How do I configure forms to populate in multiple tables (based on table name)?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Airtable Community,

I am new here on Airtable and was hoping someone could assist me with my question.

I have a “Master” Table in which I would like to configure a “Form” to populate in multiple tables within the same Base . I am looking for an option to populate the record from the form based on which table I select. The goal is for the form to fill the record in the “Master” as well as an additional table of my choice. ( to have it synced based on my selection)

Kindly let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Jacob_Ben,
I am doing a similar thing. I have a ‘master’ table listing all the organisations we work with and various fields of information. I have a number of linked tables containing other information about the organisations. I was looking for a way to add new organisations to all 3 tables (where the primary field is Organisation Name) at the same time. Through help from ScottWorld on here I managed it by creating a form to record the new organisation details and then an automation with the Trigger: When a record is created (in my ‘Master’ table) Action: Create record. Selecting a different table and the Field: Organisation Name. Repeat for the other tables that need to be populated.

This worked well apart from one field that did not populate in the other table it appears in. I’m trying to find an answer for this.