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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hey All,
I’m looking to have a field that stores a hyperlink version of said URL field that is generated from a formula. I’d like to create this text(hyperlink) either via a formula, or more what I’m thinking an automation? Anyone aware of an ability to update a field with a hyperlink?

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Hum, not sure I follow what you’re talking about. Thanks though.


Hey @Sean_Lake1, here’s a working version of @kuovonne solution and it’s much more elegant than mine hahaha

Hi @TheTimeSavingCo and @kuovonne - wanted to open this up.  First, I am not sure if it disappeared, but I was interested in the example you posted, Adam - is it still valid?

Also - the markdown guide mentioned that now (maybe it's new) Rich text fields do not support hyperlink markdowns.  

I am wondering what the current solution might be for this.  I have a linked field that pulls in multiple URLs, but want to list them with their record names. What might be a good solution? Thanks!