I'm having some trouble automating my stocklist levels

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m having some trouble automating my stocklist levels.

I have set up automations that can pick up Qty Used of a certain product at a given time. I deduct that qty from the Initial stock I have inserted into my Airtable using a subtraction formula.

Now how do I replace Initial stock with this new reduced qty without having it go into an infinite loop? What kind of trigger can I use?

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Hi Niyatee, this is a bit difficult to answer without seeing how your data’s set up; could you provide screenshots of the relevant tables / fields perhaps?

Could you elaborate on why the infinite loop might happen? The automation that picks up the Qty Used and deducts from the Initial Stock field sounds fine, and I’m finding it hard to visualize why an infinite loop might occur

Ona approach - create a data model where current “stock” is not tracked in a static field; rather it is simply a function of purchases and sales. The best record of stock levels is no record at all.