Including an @ mention in an Airtable-to-Teams message automation

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m working on building an automation in Airtable that alerts a specific Teams chat member that something has occurred. I’ve found MS documentation about using the tag to format a mention for a bot, but I can’t seem to get the mention to actually work in the automated message. Every combination I try just ends up as a plain text representation of what I put between the tag, but I know the automation can read tags properly because it’s properly formatting a hyperlink I’ve added to the message using <a href " ">

I’ve tried (with and without the @ symbols included):

<at>@ First Last</at>

<at>@First Last</at>


<at>@ FirstLast</at>


…and probably some other combinations of email address, the person’s name, and the @ symbol.

Any insights would be super valuable - thank you!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Follow up for any sad folks that find this:

you cannot achieve this:

You should be able to automate this with Integromat, because they support making any API call to Microsoft Teams:

Thanks for the reply - From what I’ve seen to mention a user using an API you need the user’s ID number for the Teams channel, which can be found using MS Graph but due to the necessary permissions to get that data I don’t think I’ll be able to due to restrictions that I have within my organization. At the end of the day I agree that I think it can technically be done but not directly within Airtable, not without another service (not an option for me) and not without the user’s Teams ID (which isn’t accessible to me).