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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all,

I am new to Airtable, and I am trying to set up an automation where an email will be sent to a project lead if there are 7 days left to complete a project and the project status is incomplete. I followed the instructions in the following Airtable article:*1qbpd8o*_gcl_au*NzgwM...


I have the automation set up as follows:


When a record matches conditions: = 7 days to complete AND = Planning/In progress/Delayed status



Find records: based on conditions where project lead is not empty

Repeat for each in List of records

Send an email: to Project lead


The trouble I am having is that the automation works in finding project leads and approaching deadlines, but the automation sends multiple copies of the same email to project leads. Is there a setting that I should have on/off that will prevent the automation from sending redundant copies of the same email to project leads?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hmm, assuming each "Student" record is a single project, then you wouldn't need the repeating group I think.  You could just set it up so that the email gets sent per triggering project

I feel like I'm missing something though.  Can multiple be students be part of a single project, and so that project lead should only get one email instead of one email per project or something?  Could you provide some screenshots of how your tables are set up? 


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your help!

My goal for this automation is to have reminder emails sent to project leads any time a project deadline is approaching for an incomplete project. I would like each project lead to get one email per incomplete project with an upcoming deadline. Since all of my project leads aren't working on all projects, I want the automation to only send emails to the relevant project lead for the projects with upcoming deadlines only. I hoped the repeating group function would be able to find project leads and send an email when the trigger occurs (i.e., 7 days left to complete). The automation I made sort of does this, but it sends multiple emails and also sent emails to all of my collaborators rather than just the project lead (myself) for my test record.

I have included a screenshot of my base so you can see how I set up my test record. Let me know if you can see anything wrong with how I am trying to set up my automation based on this table set up. Thanks again!



Thanks for the details!  Hmm, if I were you I'd just skip the "Find Record" and "Repeating Group" steps and just have a "Send Email" step right after the trigger, and it'd send to the "Project Lead" value's email?

(Sorry, still feel like I'm missing something!  Might be faster to go over this in a quick (free) call and you can grab a time here!)

Hi Adam,

Thank you for this advice. I will try it out, and I will follow up if I'm still having issues. I appreciate your support!