Repeating Groups - Send a Grid List to Select Team Members?

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

I am confused with how to set up the Repeating Groups feature and how to make it work the way I want to.

My AirTable table is a list of many records that are assigned to different employees.  I created a View for overdue records (each record has a due date).


I want to create a repeating automation that sends out an Email to each team member with a grid embedded in the email of their outstanding records at various times around the due date.


I am confused as to how to make this work so that each email to a team member shows a list of only their own assigned records.


I believe that this structure is definitely not going to work the way I want to because when I put in the grid from the "Find Records" action, it shows the entirety of the list.


See this:



What exactly am I doing wrong?  I created a table just for the staff and have it linked to the other records. 

But I don't want to send out an email for each record, only for each team member, and it should each have in the email a grid/list of the records in the view.

i.e., if there are 70 records amongst 4 staff people (1 with 10, 1 with 20 and 1 with 5, and 1 with 15 records).  then there should only be 4 emails sent out with each having in the body the correct grid of their outstanding records.







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You'll need to switch up your approach. You trigger is when one record enters the view. IF multiple records enter the view at similar times, the automation is going to fire for multiple records. That doesn't sound like what you want. I would switch your trigger to a daily scheduled one.

Your first step should be a Find Records action that looks for people records, not the ones entering the view. The reason being that each person needs to get their own email, so that's the list you want to iterate over. If you only want to email people who have overdue records, then create a conditional count field on the People table that only counts linked records if "Due Date (or whatever) is before today". Add "Count field > 0" to your Find Records condition, or set up a view with that filter.

Now you start your repeated groups. The first step within the group would be another Find Records step, this time pointed at whatever table holds overdue records. You want to use a set of conditions, not a view, so you can add "Person = current item in list of Records" as well as your original "Due Date is before today" filter.

Finally add your email step, and include the list of records from your second Find Records action (the one within the repeating group). 

This way, everyone gets an emailed list of their records, not all records.

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer


So I am having difficulty matching the second find records with the first.

I keep getting "invalid record" when i make the condition of the second record where the Table Link field, "Responsibility" = the Name of the record in the List of Records of the first find records.



4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Any solution found?