Search Ring based on Latitude and Longitude

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We are a land surveying firm with records for each project.  Each record contains latitude and longitude information so we can map the records for logistical purposes.  It would help us to know when we take a new job if we have done a previous job within a 1/2 mile or 2640 feet of the new record.  We could build off of our previous work.  Does any know of a solution for a problem like this using a zap or other app in conjunction with Airtable?  I have seen several posts about converting addresses into lat/longs or vice versa, but that does not solve my issue.  Appreciate any wisdom or guidance someone might provide.

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maybe this script can help you. 

Appreciated.  I hired an Airtable automation guru on Fiverr.  This script looks similar to what he is working with.  Should have this up an going tomorrow.