Re: Selenium - getting Airtable text and picture ulr and then the resulting url back to Airtable

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This new Airtable Community Forum SUCKS so much and I cannot type it without harassing the keyboard caps key at the same time. Why on earth did Airtable switch from the old community board. If it ain't broken don't fix it. This is difficult to you, boxy, hard to find things. Is it only me having the incident notification window on the left and doesn't go away, it stays stubbornly there even after try to close. I really miss the old forums, I don't think i will come here very often anymore because this board is user unfriendly.


My question was about Selenium. I am looking to populate text from Airtable into another web-form like commercial site and I need to enter text and upload pictures. The main challenges:

1) how to get Selenium access data in Airtable and always take the next line (next record) of data

2) how to upload image to the 3rd party form (I can't past URL from Airtable documents, it will have to be upload from computer but maybe there is a way to transload the images directly?

3) how to write back to end result into airtable (e.g. success or fail) and also write to airtable the URL of the created record on the commercial site.

Anybody has explored this area?


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Is this Airtable community forum now pretty much dead?

It never happened before there would be not a single reply to a question like this. 

This forum just suck big time. I hate coming here back. Time to look for a new community forum.

Hmm, I guess my fears are confirmed. This community is dead. In the old forum, I would at least get some reply to a question like this because I am pretty sure some of the senior experience people here have experimented with Selenium already. I also see the number of views has fallen so much since Airtable moved to this new support board. If this is how Airtable wants to continue to handle Airtable support community ecosystem, Airtable will loose users.