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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I would appreciate to have any assistance in finding a way to sort a grid of records in an email automation.

It is really frustrating this functionality is not available, so need to find a workaround. 

I have an automation that sends email with 2 grids of records that I need to sort. Without sorting the grids are senseless and useless. 

I am not familiar with scripting, so any help in that (if it is the only way) will be appreciated and paid.

We do not use Integromat or other 3rd party solutions, so need to do it by Airtable instruments only.

Thanks in advance.

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Unless you use Make (which offers built-in sorting) for your automations, there is only one way to do it in Airtable: You will need to find your records "by view" instead of "by condition", and your view can NOT be grouped in any way. Also note that Airtable's "find records" action has a limit of 100 records (which can also be worked around by using Make).

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thank you @ScottWorld
I know about "find records based on view" rather than on condition, but can not figure out how to select only those records that have to enter the view when I need that automation to run - the conditions for filtering into the view become very complex as well as the automation itself - after running and sending email it has to remove the records from that view so it could run next time with other records...
I've read somewhere there are workarounds with scripting, allowing to avoid integration with 3rd party apps like Make.

Also a limit of 100 is not critical, normally our Find record returns much less records.