Submissions from an Airtable form populating a Google Sheet

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have created a feedback form within one of my Airtable bases that is collecting data about different facilitators. I have set up multiple automation’s to funnel the information into a google sheet for the individual facilitator but when I test it seems that the data from the form is populating a row in the multiple google sheets at the same time.

Automation steps:

  1. A new record is created (submission through the form)

  2. Find records - I have put in a condition for the automation to find records where it contains a particular name within the Facilitator Name field in the form.

  3. Append a new row in a Google Sheet - I have selected the spreadsheet for the specific individual. The row data is selected and working properly.

  4. Sends an email through Gmail to notify the individual that they have new feedback.

Has anyone come upon this type of thing before? Am I missing a step?

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