Trouble with embedded forms reading HTML in the airtable

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm having a problem getting my airtable to properly work with a dynamic page created on our website. There is an embedded form within the dynamic page, and the HTML for this is linked to a record within the aritable "Form HTML".

I have been able to get this to work with the simple form html. What I am now trying to do is add on extra criteria within the HTML so that a section of the form is pre populated when loading certain pages. As soon as I add the extra code in it results in problems. I either get that the page cannot be found, or it will say this for about 10 minutes and then magically load, but it will only load on a desktop and not a mobile. The mobile always shows page cannot be found.

The standard html is <div class="beacon-form" data-account="isleofwightdonkeysanctuary" data-form="83485bc4"></div> but I need it to be <div class="beacon-form" data-account="isleofwightdonkeysanctuary" data-form="83485bc4" data-bcn-c-donkey="xxx"></div> (xxx is replaced with a number which refers to a particular database record)

Any ideas for fixes or where I could be going wrong? Am I not aware of something that means this won't work?

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