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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey All,

I am stuck trying to change a ROLLUP % field into a string so that it can be displayed in an automated GoogleDoc. At the moment when I try to create a string it fails to display anything in GoogleDoc tests, just shows a blank space. In the automation plain I can select the field without a problem.

The ROLLUP % I am trying to turn into a string is a summary of one of the criteria in our survey → the roll up field is called “CourseDesign%”

IF(values, (AVERAGE(values) / 5))

My attempt at creating a string is:


Any assistance appreciated! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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This formula looks a bit overly complex, but it looks like it should do the trick.

When you look at the formula value in the grid view, does it show the expected value and is that value left aligned? If so, the problem is not the formula.

Are you sure the automation is looking at the correct field? Is there data in that field for your test record? Have you tried retesting your trigger?

I don’t work much with Google Docs, so it’s just guessing and I may be mistaken.
what’s the format of values? if it is different from usual number (e.g. percent), try to change to number.
Try to use field name without %
Some spreadsheets may evaluate in a wrong way functions
IF(condition , action if true ) without third parameter action_if_false

Thanks Kuovonne,

It was resolved but in the end it was still kind of a mystery. I decided just to start a new automation from scratch and it worked. Thanks for your suggestions, it was useful to know it wasn’t the formula…over complicated is my specialty. lol!

Thanks Alex, it did work in the end with the formula as is. The source of the problem remains unknown but it was rectified when I started a new automation and trashed the old one.