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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I am in commercial real estate and we own a bunch of properties.  We have a leasing checklist we run through every time we are about to sign a new lease at any of the properties.  I am trying to think about the best way to set up the checklists so that each time we enter a new lease, the checklist will be created for that tenant.  I am new to Airtable and I am not sure if I should have a different table for every tenant and checklist, or create one table that has the checklist for each tenant (but then how would we view just one checklist at a time, etc.).  Thanks!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there & welcome to the Airtable Community!

There are lots of different ways of going about this problem - the solution you choose depends on your office workflow and personal preference. 

Here are two solutions that come to mind:


1. One table w/ checklist:

This options will be easier to set up, but may be less reliable. 

You can create a checkbox field for each of the tasks that are required in the table where you keep all the tenant information. Then you can create a view and use the hide options to only view the check list items of all your tenants.   

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 5.13.52 PM.png


Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 5.13.45 PM.png


2.  Task & Tenant Table:

This option will take more effort to set up, but will give you more flexibility and functionality.

You create two tables - one for all of your tenants and one for all the tasks. In the Task Table, you link the task to the tenant. Using automation, you can have the table auto-populate with all the tasks that are required for the tenant. Then you can either create views w/ filters to view only the tasks specific to a tenant or you could use Interfaces to build a more user-friendly view. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 5.17.32 PM.png


Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 5.17.39 PM.png


I've worked on a similar problem for residential Real Estate. Feel free to send me a direct message if you'd like to set up a call to chat about how I went about solving the problem!


7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I would go with something like Option 2 from Rose 🙂 As you use AirTable more you will update and add more, but starting with a couple separate lists from the start will make things easier 🙂 Feel free to check and copy this one I threw together in 2 minutes 🙂