Creating date range from Google calendar

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4 - Data Explorer


I've built a team utilisation and created a timeline that allows me to see how I have committed my resources across different projects. As part of this utilisation, I have a table where I can log days off for each team member. Currently, I enter the dates one by one using the date field.

I want to do this differently so I don't have to enter the days off one by one using the date field, because I sometimes need to include consecutive days off, and wonder if there is a way to have those days appear as a date range instead.

I have a google calendar that shows each team members days off, and sometimes the time off can be a week. I want to pull these days off into Airtable and have them display as a date range. 

Is this possible?

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Yeah, there's an automation trigger with Google Calendar, and you could make it create / update records in Airtable as needed with the Start and End dates, which I think would give you the date range you're looking for?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Adam!

Let me try it out.