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4 - Data Explorer

Sorry if this has been previously addressed, but I can’t find the information. Is there a simple way to separate a base into multiple, small bases?


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No, but why are you trying to do that? Are you trying to separate records from one another?

You would do that using Airtable’s views function, Airtable’s interfaces, or an external portal like Noloco or Softr.

You can learn more about Airtable’s views in my free Airtable training course, which you can take for free by signing up for a trial membership with LinkedIn Learning:

You can learn more about Noloco by watching my step-by-step tutorial on this episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast.





Thanks for the response.

According to Airtable’s new restrictions:

  • Record limits: 1,000 per base

How else do I reduce a base with over 1,000 records to beneath the threshold?


Pay for Airtable to get more records? Otherwise, you could probably duplicate your base and then delete records, but then you’re not really using Airtable for what it’s designed for.