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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there. I am trying to work out how to compare data across several different projects. My specific need is as follows, hoping someone has a quick solution to this :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I have a primary table with hundreds of records (let’s call it “master data”)
  2. I have many offline spreadsheets for different projects with content that matches the fields in “master data”.
  3. I want to find a way to import the spreadsheets so that the following is achieved.
  • For any existing records enrich with extra information (multiple-select)
  • For missing records create a new record
  • Do not replace the original data in master data (only add to it.

Can this be done?

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Yes, all 3 of these things are possible if you export your data from Excel to a CSV file, and then you use the CSV import extension.

Upon importing your data, be sure to choose the option to “merge with existing records”. Note that it will only let you choose ONE FIELD as your “match field” for merging, so be sure to choose something that will always be unique, like an account # or a phone number or an email address:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Where is the “merge with existing records” option?

I cant see this on my screen anywhere.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have installed the app extension so I understand what you mean now. My new problem is that instead of adding a second value in some of the fields it has replaced the original values.

My match field is “Company name”, other fields (“email address”, “contact name”) are set up as multiple select so I was hoping to get a second entry merged to those. Instead it has replace the original with the new value.

You wouldn’t be able to do that with the CSV extension. That would be relatively challenging & time-consuming to setup… it would probably require you to write your own JavaScript code or to use a low-code automation tool like

Thanks - I might just sort by account name and manually remove the dupes.