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Duplicating Block of Fields

I'm in the process of building my base for my business (I'm a literary agent) - I've recently discovered how useful views are and now have a much better sense of what I'm doing but I have a query and I'm wondering if there's a better way to set this ...

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Add new record from linked field in an interface form

I have the following case history:a base with multiple tables interconnected with each other;I've created an interface form to populate one of these tables;In this interface I have a field that allows me to select a record linked to another table;In ...

create new record in linked field.jpg add linked record from data.jpg
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I can no longer use airtable

Everybody, some years back I built with "PHPRUNNER" an application with airtable+rest-api.  That worked great, but as of February 2024 airtable has changed. An API key is no longer sufficient, but a token must be used (0auth 2.0 - User ) in PHPRUNNER...

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Resolved! Help with payload and Record ID

HI, this is my code for my payload posting to a table using Google Apps Script: var payload = JSON.stringify({"records": [{"fields": {"OnlineSubmissionLink": [{ "id": linkedRecordID }], // Set the linked record field// "SaleDate": formattedSaleDate,/...

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Can anyone help me with how to use  useRecordActionDataIn the docs it is describing that it can be triggered when we open the extensionI want to perform oauth while opening the extensioncan anyone help me with this?

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Airtable inquiry by ChatGPT

Hi, Did anybody already figured out how you make inquiry of your Airtable base with chatgpt. Very basic example: you have database tracking projects. And you ask Chat GPT (or any other ai model for that matter) - what is the status of project A, or w...

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API Key to Personal Access Token Not Working

Hi there! We have the code below but it's not working. I'm not sure why.<template><div><iframe:src="link"style="height: calc(100vh - 1px); width: 100%; border: none"frameborder="0"></iframe></div></template><script>import Airtable from 'airtable'cons...

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Custom Extension

HiI am currently developing. a custom extension.I want to do external authentication on adding the extension.How can i do this?.Should i have to configure the the authentication url and token url somewhere for airtable to do external authentication o...

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Resolved! Webhook callback body missing data

I've successfully created a webhook via the Airtable API using the following json: { "notificationUrl": "", "specification": { "options": { "filters": { "dataTypes": [ "tableData" ...

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Airtable to Eventbrite Sync

Anyone have success syncing event details between Airtable and EventBrite? only seems to tie to date and name of event, none of the detail fields appear to be mappable.  

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Resolved! Unable to use OAuth - Error Message

I am trying to set up an OAuth for Make, as API keys are no longer available to use, and it says not to give Personal Access Tokens to third party companies.I do not understand what the 'OAuth redirect URL' is supposed to be, at the moment I have tri...

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 15.26.30.png Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 15.31.17.png
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